Finding the Perfect Venue

Ready to find that special place to host your event?  Virtual Tours and a wonderful way to explore different venues and our Missoula Area Event Planning section offers a wide variety of facilities to choose from.  Explore a wide range of venues without ever leaving your home or office.  Be sure to try a virtual reality headset to see what a venue feels like. 


We are proud to be working with the Missoula Area Chamber to create Tour Missoula 360.  Through their online publication can explore the event room at Sushi Hana, walk through Rumour or explore multiple event rooms at the Hilton. Find hidden areas you may not have known were available for your event, like the Missoula Area Chamber Kathy Ogren Conference room along the Clark Fork River. Considering a business retreat?  Check out Quinn's Hot Springs.  Quinn's Paradise Hall has a wide variety of rooms to choose from.  


Venue 360° Virtual Tours


Looking for a Venue?

The Missoula Area has a wide variety of venues and experiences to offer. View the space in 360° Virtual Reality! Tour Missoula 360, a Missoula Area Chamber Publication, shares multiple event venues. From small cozy rooms, conference rooms along the Clark Fork River and more.