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Explore Missoula in 360°

Explore the Missoula Area in a fun and unique way. Take someone to Missoula in VR Headset!

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Fun things to do, businesses to explore.  Plan your day - or - plan your event!

Live Webcams

Check out the Clark Fork River or enjoy the view from Mountain Press' Moose Can Cam.  


Explore Missoula 360° shares western Montana in a fun and unique way.  Join the adventure with a VR headset and you can stand at the edge of a waterfall in the Rocky Mountains, or explore Caras Park along the Clark Fork River.  Planning a romantic dinner for two? Expecting company? Share Explore Missoula's restaurants virtual tours and choose just the right one.



Explore Missoula with Virtual Reality

Explore the Missoula area and the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana.

Stand at the edge of the Clark Fork River, enjoy the view fro the "M". Interested in traveling north? Explore The Garden of a Thousand Buddhas and the historical Catholic Mission in St Ignatius. Explore the list below for more wonderful adventures!

  • Montana Log House

    History... it is everywhere in western Montana!

  • St Ignatius Mission

    Can you imagine what it was like to paint these murals in the late 1800's?  Be sure and check out the St Ignatius Mission. 

  • Gray Wolf Peak Casino

    Did you know that Gray Wolf Peak Casino has two restaruants and a bar?  They do!  And a smoke free casino area.  Stop and learn more about the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal history on display in their grand hall.  

  • Missoula Out to Lunch

    A Missoula tradition for over 30 years, Missoula Out to Lunch happens every Wednesday.  Take a look around and then come join us!  

  • Montana Wilderness

    Stand at the edge of a waterfall in the Rocky Mountains. Be sure and try it in a VR headset. Remember not to walk off the cliff!

  • Pistol Creek Lookout

    Have you ever wanted to stand at the top of a fire tower and enjoy the view? Or walk around the top and enjoy the view? Now you can!


Looking for a Venue?

The Missoula Area has a wide variety of venues and experiences to offer. View the space in 360° Virtual Reality! Tour Missoula 360, a Missoula Area Chamber Publication, shares multiple event venues. From small cozy rooms, conference rooms along the Clark Fork River and more.