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Craigs Mart is an exciting, new retail concept that helps peer-to-peer buyers and sellers get together more easily and safely. Craigs Mart provides a retail storefront where sellers can physically display the items they have posted for sale. For buyers, Craigs Mart provides a safe and familiar retail experience where people can go to see and buy the interesting items they've found online.

"Peer-to-Peer Commerce" continues to be a popular way for people to buy and sell things directly with each other. Newspapers, bulletin boards, and online classifieds provide a way for individuals to find each other and make a sale. This system works well for thousands of users every day.

However, for many people, the fear of meeting with a stranger in unfamiliar surroundings, exposing personal information, and carrying large amount of cash makes traditional peer-to-peer commerce unacceptable. Furthermore, scheduling conflicts and large travel distances can make meetings difficult or impossible. Craigs Mart eliminates those negatives, and makes peer-to-peer accessible to all.

Craigs Mart is ... "peer-to-peer, without the fear."  Questions?  Call or visit their website!  Their inventory changes DAILY!